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The Oceania Project chose Hervey Bay, situated on the south east coast of Queensland Australia, to undertake a long-term study of the Humpback Whales that visit the Bay from July to November each year. Since 1988, Trish & Wally Franklin, aboard The Oceania Project's annual Humpback Whale research expedition, have photographed and filmed the Humpback Whales and have recorded their evolving Songlines.

Their research explores the complex social dynamics of Humpback Whales and the social significance of Hervey Bay for the Whales. The intricate black and white pigmentation patterns and body markings of individual Humpbacks, the size and shape of their dorsal fins, the patterns on the underside tail-fluke and the unique serrated trailing edge of the fluke (which acts like a fingerprint) have enabled Trish to document and record the remarkable lives of hundreds of individual Humpback Whales who migrate annually up the East Coast of Australia.

Trish & Wally have endeavored to capture and present the magic, mystery and depth of the remarkable interactions occurring between Humpback Whales and Humans. In these Downloadable Films, you will meet some very special individual Whales, listen to the complexity and power of their extraordinary songs and marvel at the one-on-one interactions between these incredible creatures and the people aboard The Oceania Project's expeditions.

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iWhales Feature
Balaena universus hominis

Support The Oceania Project's Whale research programs by downloading this movie.

A short film by Mark Francis Franklin
Featuring the Whales of Australia

Also available on the Songlines 1 DVD

AUD $2.99

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