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The Oceania Project's Research Programs

The Oceania Project has been conducting research on humpback whales within Hervey Bay since 1989.

Presently there are five research programs:

Breaching MotherBreaching is a spectacular social behaviour amongst humpbacks in Hervey Bay. Especially Mothers and Calves. (Photo: Trish Franklin 2003)

Dr Trish Franklin's
Scientific Publications

Dr Wally Franklin's
Scientific Publications
Information obtained from these research programs add to the body of knowledge about humpback whales and also directly contribute to the Cetacean Management and Monitoring Program within the Hervey Bay Marine Park and Queensland waters.

Dr Trish Franklin's publications and Dr Wally Franklin's publications are availble on the Southern Cross University Whale Research Group website. Also copies of recent papers can be download from individual research sections on this website.

The Research Programs are funded by the Interns who participate in the Annual Whale Research Expeditions; Sale of iWhales™ Movies and other content on

Additional funding support has been provided by the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW); Queensland Environmental Protection Agency; Southern Cross University Whale Research Centre; Hervey Bay Whale Watch Fleet, ICERC Japan; Fraser Coast Regional Council and special and partcular thanks to Mark Cornish for his generous participation and financial support over the last thirteen years.

Sponsorship of equipment and services has been provided by: Ramada, Hervey Bay; Canon Cameras; Apple Computers; Tasco Binoculars and NetRegistry.

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