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Hervey Bay Humpback Whale Habitat Monitoring Program

Daniel Burns using van Dorm SamplerDaniel Burns, Expedition Assistant in 2001, using a Van Dorm Sampler aided by an Intern. (Photo: Daniel Bayer)

Dr. Daniel Burns has now completed his PhD Candidate at Southern Cross University on the southern migration of the humpbacks off Ballina & Cape Byron

Commenced in 1993 this program involved Chlorophyll-a sampling in the Whale Management & Monitoring Area of the Hervey Bay Marine Park.

Pressure on coastal habitat from development and pollution combined with growing competition for coastal habitat by aquaculture and mariculture developers underlies the importance of long term monitoring of critical humpbacks habitat on the east coast of Australia.

The program was being conducted in conjunction with Andrew Moss & John Ferris of the Environment Division of Queensland Environment Protection Agency (QEPA) and provides baseline data for ongoing monitoring of the condition of the habitat used by the Humpbacks within the Hervey Bay Marine Park.

The outcomes from the first five years, 1993 to 1997, of this study were published by the Queensland Environment Protection Agency and is availble from this link:

'Chlorophyll-a sampling by The Oceania Project in Hervey Bay, Andrew Moss and Julie Kocovski. Environment Technical Report No. 23 - ISSN 1037-4671 RE271 July 1998'.

The eleven year report with results for the years 1992 to 2003, "Long-term monitoring of chlorophyll-a in Hervey Bay, Queensland", have been published and are availalbe on-line from the Queensland Environment Protection Agency .

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