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Each action you take will help the Eastern Asutralian Humpbacks. Do something NOW!

What you can do to help save the Eastern Australian Humpbacks

Background on Japan's so-called 'Scientific Whaling'

Although Japan backed-off killing Eastern Australian humpbacks in Antarctica this year the future course they will take is not clear. Consequently it is important that the Australian Government is urged to persist with its strong stance against any form commercial whaling and to move forward with the proposed legal action.

The International Whaling Commission is deadlocked and being abused by Japan, so legal action is a final recourse to end illegal, unregulated and unnecessary Japanese Whaling and to get 'whales & dolphins' back on the IWC agenda.

Japan, supported by a block of 27 'friendly' votes, achieved a simple majority for the first time in 20 years at the International Whaling Commission (IWC) meeting in the Carribean in 2006.

Using fisheries investment in small countries to obtain their support at the IWC has been called 'systematic corruption' of global fisheries policy by emminient scientist Dr Sidney Holt.

The recent report released by UNEP/IUCN on the state of the world's fisheries reveals the devastating and deep trouble with global fisheries and the oceans. However the IWC's agenda should be 'whales & dolphins' not 'fisheries'.

What You Can Do

You can help Save Our Humpbacks by:
  • Contacting your local Federal Member and ask what action is the Australian Government taking to stop Japan.
  • Support the 'Save the Whales' Campaigns of IFAW, Greenpeace, Sea Shepherd and other Global environmental organisations.
  • Write letters or emails of protest to the Chief Executives of large Japanese Consumer Goods Organisations like Sony, Mitubishi, Toyota & Canon.
  • Encourage your School to have students write directly to Japanese Students seeking their help to protect and conserve all species of Whales & Dolphins.
  • Email Friends and ask them to take the same actions.
  • Participate in an Australian Whale or Dolphin Watch Cruise

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