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The Oceania Project's
Whale Research Expeditions
in Hervey Bay: 1989-2013

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Expedition Founders Trish & Wally Franklin

The Oceania Project's Whale Research Expeditions (1989-2013) provided
a dedicated long-term research platform to observe and study Humpback Whales in Hervey Bay.

"It is only through consistent long-term observation and study that we can begin to unravel and understand the complex social organisation and behaviour of Humpback Whales and determine the social and ecological significance of Hervey Bay for the Eastern Australian Humpbacks."

The Oceania Project's Internship program supports the Marine Mammal Science program
in Hervey Bay and contributes to our scientific understanding of humpback whales.


View encounters during the Expeditions. Also available at

Charlotte 2007
"Charlotte" 2007
My Auntie 2001
"My Auntie" 2001
Karina 2009
"Karina" 2009
Karina 2009
"Nanda & Bala" 2007

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