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Editorial Comment:
The decision by the International Court of Justice to ban whaling by Japan in Antarctica is a major step forward in the long-term conservation and protection of whales and dolphins.

Whilst the judgement provides a clear and comprehensive legal review of Article VIII in the International Whaling Convention (IWC), it does not eliminate the Article from the IWC. Consequently continued vigliance will be necessary to ensure there is no further misuse of that part of the IWC by any country.

More importantly the decision may finally clear the way for the IWC to refocus on its core work of assessing the conservation staus of whales and dolphins as recommended in the report on the Global Status of Whales and Dolphins presented by Australia in 2008.

If Japan decides to ignore the IJC ruling and return to Antarctic whaling it should leave the IWC, read why in 'Why think of Whales at Christmas'. The fundamental conservation issues for Cetacea that Member Nations of the IWC must devote time and energy to are clearly set-out in the 'Conservation and Values - Global Cetacean Summary Report' prepared by the Australian Government.

Check out the 60 Minutes story - 'The Humpback' which features the research of Trish and Wally Franklin in Hervey Bay and the Whales of Hervey Bay.

Get your Community involved in the Humpback ICON Project and check Help Save Our Humpbacks for information about what you can do to continue pressure to help the Eastern Australian Humpback Whales.
On you will find movies, sounds and photography of Eastern Australian Humpbacks recorded during our Annual Whale Research Expedtions in Hervey Bay which are available as DVD's or downloadable films.
The 60 minute Audio CD Album titled 'Songlines - Songs of the Eastern Australian Humpbacks' featuring 'Migaloo' is now available and can be purchased online.

Great Sandy Marine Park.
Community and World Hertitage at risk!

You can directly help with the long term conservation of Whales and Dolphins by supporting the campaigns of: IFAW, Sea Shepherd, Greenpeace, WDCS, Earth Island Institute, WWF, Global Whale Alliance, America's Whale Allianceand others.

Check ACTION ALERTS' and take an action today!

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