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Expedition & Video Workstation
In 1992 Apple Computers provided The Oceania Project with a sponsored Apple Powerbook 140 Computer for data entry in the field. After years of faithful service aboard the Expeditions it has expired and been laid to rest.

The humpback photography from the 1992 to 2004 seasons has now been digitised and archived on CD's, a task that has taken Trish six and a half years work.
See summary below.
Trish helping with data entry
Trish helping Jodie with Data entry - 1995
There is now a need for a portable computer that will both serve as an effective Portable Workstation aboard the Expeditions and as a component of an ongoing Video Editing Workstation in the office.

Expedition Workstation

A burst of excitement!
A burst of excitement!
The Expedition Workstation will be used to:

1. Display for review and analysis the Fluke and Dorsal photography.

2. Provide internet access for email communications and web updates.

3. Produce and project interpretative and educational segments.

4. Serve as a data entry workstation for the data logs

5. Enable the downloading of Digital Video and Photographs.

6. Allow Expedition Participants to explore the Website.

The Oceania Project's portable workstation of choice is
a MacBook Pro 17". (2.33GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 3GB Ram & 200GB Serial ATA Hard Drive)

~ Cost $6068 ~

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Macintosh Powerbook G4 17 Inch

Video Workstation

Between 1992 and 1998, 79 hours of Humpback video was filmed using a Sony Hi8 Camera. It is still stored on Hi8 tapes has not yet been reviewed, analysed, edited or archived on CD. The age of these Hi8 tapes makes this a priority task.

Thanks to a recent generous donation of $1400 from regular Expedition participant Mark Cornish, we have obtained a Sony DVD Recorder and a Sony Digital 8 camera that plays analogue Hi8 tapes. This has enabled us to begin the task of transferring and archiving the early Hi8 footage in digital DVD format.

In August 1999 The Oceania Project received a donation of $10,000 as part of an involvement in a Japanese TV documentary. The donation was used to upgrade from the Hi8 analogue camera to a Sony DSR-PD100AP Digital Camcorder and DSR-V10P Digital Video Cassette Recorder.

Summary of Photography, Video & Song ABOVE: This table summarises the information obtained during the Expeditions which provides the data for the long term Humpback Study and the material for the 'Meet the Whales' section of the website.

The photography, video & song will also be used for a range of digitally downloadble educational presentations.
All of the above video equipment have high speed 'Firewire' connectors and are compatible with current Macintosh portable and high-end systems.

The next phase of work with the video material requires a high-end Workstation for analysis and digital editing of The Oceania Project's video archive.

The system of choice is is a Mac Pro 8-Core 3.0 GHz processors, 16GB Ram, 4 X 750 GB Serial ATA Hard Drives plus two Apple Cinema HD Display (30" Flat Panel) ($27,693). The software of choice is Apples's Final Cut Studio 2 ($1698)

Macintosh Power Mac G5 Dual 2.5 GHz

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LEFT: Mac Pro 8-Core 3.0 GHz processors, 16GB Ram, 4 X 750 GB Serial ATA Hard Drives plus two Apple Cinema HD Display (30" Flat Panel) ($27,693). A superior tool to produce high-definition video.

RIGHT: Apple Cinema HD Display 30" Flat Panel. The first high resolution 30-inch flat panel display designed for the personal computer

BELOW: Apples's Final Cut Studio 2, the essential software suite for film and video production that delivers real-time production tools in one comprehensive and integrated package
Macintosh Power Mac G5 Dual 2.5 GHz

Apple Cinema HD Display 30 Inch flat panel

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The Video Workstation will be used to:

1. Review, Edit and Archive all Whale & Dolphin Video.

2. Analyse and Extract Humpback Data from Video.

3. Prepare Short Quicktime Video segments for the Website

4. Produce a series of DVD Video's about the Whales & Dolphins.

5. Prepare and Distribute footage of the Whales to the Media.

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Common dolphins on the bow
Common Dolphins playing on the bow in Hervey Bay.

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