Help Needed Now

Whales & Dolphin - how you can help
Wally & Trish Franklin "Thanks for your help",
Trish & Wally.
Help Needed Now There are many ways you can help raise awareness about whales and dolphins by supporting The Oceania Project's Objectives.
Kundun & friends 'Kundun' & friends, hanging out in Hervey Bay 1998.

What you can do

1  Check Action Alerts and send an email, fax or letter in support of a current campaign.

2   Become an iWhales Subscriber.

3   Download Movies or other content from iWhales.

4   Join the Annual Whale Research Expedition to Hervey Bay.

5   Help fund the equipment and materials needed for the work.

'Kundun', shows off his distinctive underfluke, Hervey Bay 1998.

Wedgewood breaching
'Wedgewood' thrills the visitors.
Didgeman checks us out
'Didgeman' checks us out.
Lotus, white and mysterious
'Lotus' white, impeccable and mysterious.

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