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Check SoundNet for the latest news and information about Whales & Dolphins

Involve your Community in supporting the humpbacks through the Humpback ICON Project (HIP).

Information about the Whale Research Expeditions. Learn about the research outcomes.

Check out the New DVD's availalble from iWhales.org

Learn about Individual Species of Cetacea (Whales & Dolphins).

'The Never Ending Story' for offers information about the Humpbacks Migration along the East Coast of Australia.

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A selection of regularly updated news items from around the world concerning Whales and Dolphins. Information about important events and conferences.

Special in depth feature stories about the issues, people and organisations involved in protecting and preserving Whales and Dolphins.

Action Alerts that give you the means to help the Whales and Dolphins.

Research Information offering new understanding of the whales and dolphins. Updates about the activities of The Oceania Project.


Photograph - Trish Franklin © 1996. (Click to Enlarge)


Humpback Whale Headrising
Photograph - Trish Franklin © 1996. (Click to Enlarge)

The Oceania Project organised Annual Whale Research Expeditions in Hervey Bay, Queensland, Australia for twenty four years from 1989 to 2013.

The Expedition was a platform for a long-term Research Program on the behaviour and ecology of the Humpback Whales visiting Hervey Bay.

This section provides information about the Whale Research Expeditions, and the research program


The Oceania Youth Project for young adults (aged 14 to 18 years) was availble during the Annual Whale and Dolphin Expedition to Hervey Bay.

These pages provide information about the Youth Project and what involvement offered.

Check out the Kingscliff High School Enviro Club involvement in the Expeditions and also Kids On The Ocean (KOTO) 95 see how the Northern Rivers Community were involved in The Oceania Youth Project and the Annual Whale Expedition


Meet Robert Bennington from Oregon. Robert joined us for two weeks in 1996. Read what he wrote in the Expedition Journal

This photo was taken using a
Kodak Digital Camera-more about that in the journal too!


retroPhotograph - Trish Franklin © 1996. (Click to Enlarge)
Since 1989, The Oceania Project has been studying, photographing, filming and recording the Humpback Whales that visit Hervey Bay each year. This information is providing new insights into the behaviour and social organisation of the Humpback Whales and how they are using Hervey Bay.

We will introduce you to individual Whales - Ropey,  Venus & Cupid,  Slaphappy and Gregono - for example, and share with you the experiences we are having with those Whales and what we are learning about them.

Watch the films of encounters with individual Humpback Whale Icons and gain insight into their daily lives.


During the many years we were undertaking the Annual Whale Research Expeditions to Hervey Bay we were privileged to experience and witness many remarkable encounters with the Humpback Whales and Dolphins.

The Oceania Project's research work involved photographing and filming the Humpback Whales and Dolphins and recording their songs and sounds. These images and sounds have enable us to share those experiences with you and your friends around the world.

iWhales is The Oceania Project's shop-front for conservation and education oriented DVDS, CDs, films, photography, songs, sounds, documentaries and more.

iWhales is a portal to the Whales and Dolphins of Hervey Bay.


Photograph - Trish Franklin © 1996. (Click to Enlarge)

Photograph - Trish Franklin © 1996. (Click to Enlarge)
You can directly support The Oceania Project's ongoing research and education programs and objectives of Caring for Whales, Dolphins and the Oceans by becoming an iWhales Subscriber.

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The World-Wide-Web is a phenomenal information resource for school and university students and anyone interested in Whales and Dolphins.

This selection of links will aid access to a diverse and rapidly expanding pool of Whale and Dolphin resource material and information available around the globe through the World-Wide-Web.

Let us know of any links you think worth adding.


wingsPhotograph - Trish Franklin © 1996. (Click to Enlarge)

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