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Internship opportunities, see:
The Oceania Project Whale Research Expedition.

Information about whale watching
in Hervey Bay, see:
The Hervey Bay Whale Watch Fleet

Timantha and Elmo breaching Nala's under-fluke Wedgewood breaching

Each Whale we are getting to know in Hervey Bay will be presented on its own page. This task will take us some time to accomplish as we have several years of material to archive and analyse. We will upload information on individual whales progressively, so keep checking into the site from time to time to see how things are coming along.

We will share with you the stories and photographs of these meetings; how and why the Whale got its name; what it and its companions were up to at the time of the meeting and what we know of, or are learning about, each Whale.

After each years Whale Research Expedition, if we resight individual Whales from previous years, we will update the pages to provide an evolving history.

Each individual Whale page will have links to educational information about the Humpback Whales. The first of these pages provides the latest knowledge of what we know about the annual migration along the East coast of Australia

You can become an Associate of a Whale of your choice by registering as a Supporting Member of The Oceania Project

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