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The focus of The Oceania Project is Cetacea (Whales & Dolphins) but we realise that all species of life on this Planet participate in the intricate web of living systems equally with Humans. Thus all animals are precious and deserve care and protection. We therefore felt it important to include a selection of links to sites serving other creatures.

  • The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW)
    was founded in 1969 to stop the cruel commercial slaughter of harp and hood seals. Since then IFAW have expanded their campaigns to embrace all animals and have been recognized as "one of the most effective organizations for animal welfare in the world."

    Join one of IFAW's current Campaigns to Protect Animals.
    IFAW Logo

  • World Animal Net
    A worldwide network of societies campaigning to improve the status and welfare of animals. This site provides a comprehensive listing of organisations dedicated to serving the Animals of Planet Earth. Marine Mammalincludes a listing of The World Animal Net Directory organisations.


  • Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland (WPSQ)
    is the oldest, largest and most respected wildlife-focused conservation group in the State of Queensland. Founded in 1962 by Judith Wright, Brian Clouston, David Fleay and Kathleen MacArthur, the Society is a community-based, non-profit organisation consisting of 24 branches throughout the State, committed to an ecologically sustainable future for people and wildlife.

    Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland

  • Marine Wildlife Australia
    is committed to the conservation of charismatic marine wildlife and the precious ecosystems they inhabit. We achieve this through four key areas: Campaigning, Community education and empowerment that leads to action, Research and monitoring programs and Advocacy.

    Marine Wildlife Australia

  • Perth Zoo
    is strongly committed to advancing the conservation of wildlife and to changing community attitudes towards the preservation of life on Earth. In addition they are involved in research and breeding programs for threatened species from Australia and overseas.


  • Animals and Society Institute
    is an independent research and education organization dedicated to advancing the status of animals in public policy and promoting the study of human-animal relationships.
    Aniamls and Society Institute

  • The Animal Concerns Community
    features current information about pets, wildlife and all other animals..

    animal Concerns Logo

  • One Voice
    bases its philosophy on "reverence for life," a principle that was dear to our patron, Théodore Monod. Each animal must be respected for itself and recognised as an individual with its own intrinsic value… its own dignity. We carry out investigations and spearhead campaigns to inform the public, and put pressure on authorities to amend both national and European legislation..

    One Voice Logo

  • Southern Oceania Seabird Study Association (SOSSA)
    is a wildlife conservation and research organisation. Its members are dedicated amateurs and professionals who share a common interest and concern for the marine environment and the wildlife of the Southern Oceans. SOSSA organises regular pelagic trips from Wollongong, NSW and Southport, QLD so both members and visitors can view some of the spectacular marine life that occurs off Australia's coast.

    is a network composedof individuals working in several organisations who share one goal - to provide information on issues about animals and to promote their welfare.

    Animal Info Network  Logo

  • Animal Info
    Information on Rare, Threatened and Endangered Mammals
  • International Wildlife Coalition
  • Animal People Online
    News for people who care about Animals.


  • Sirenian International,
    is a grassroots organization of people who share a dedication to manatee & dugong research, education, and conservation through inter-cultural collaboration. They are a partnership of scientists, students, educators, conservationists, and the public and believe in the process of integrating science, education, and culture to catalyze positive change in our shared environment, Mother Earth.

  • American Society of International Law - Wildlife Interest Group
    Have a searchable Research Bibliography on the possible impacts of climate change on flora and fauna species and associated ecosystems at:

  • Foundation for Endangered Wildlife
    How to do your part in saving the many endangered wildlife of this world

  • The Angel Animals Foundation
    Share the Dream
    A nonprofit charitable organization Increasing Love and Respect for All Life - One Story at a Time

    In 1996, when Allen and Linda Anderson started the Angel Animals® projects, they dreamed that their work would help animals all over the world by changing people's attitudes toward furry, feathered, flowing, and flying creatures.

  • Dugongs
    Prepared by The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority this page provides information about the Dugong and their new Sanctuaries in Queensland.

  • Dog and Cat Experts
    The Dog & Cat Experts is the Internet's leading resource for advice on pet care, cat & dog training, the best food for your pets, & advice on pet health issues.

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