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why Why register as a Supporting Member of The Oceania Project?

Raising awareness about Cetacea (Whales, Dolphins and Porpoises) and the Oceans is the commitment of The Oceania Project .

Our primary activity is an Annual Whale Research Expedition to Hervey Bay to conduct Long-term Research of the ecology and behaviour of Humpback Whales. We conduct education and interpretation programs, public presentations and make presentations at relevant Whale & Dolphin Conferences. We visit schools, Universities and Colleges. We support and network with other Whale and Dolphin organisations around the planet. We maintain contact with local, state and federal government departments on issues affecting Whales and Dolphins. We research, prepare, publish and produce material for the dissemination of information about Whales and Dolphins.

Income derived from Interns participating in the Annual Whale Research Expeditions covers most, but not all, the costs of undertaking the Expeditions and the Humpback Whale Research Program. We reply on income from sale of iWhales content to provide funding support for both the research and education programs and other activites undetaken by The Oceania Project.

The Oceania Project is an Income Tax Exempt non-profit organisation so every dollar you contribute is used fully and directly to help rasie awareness about the Whales and Dolphins.

As an iWhales Subscriber you help us fund the materials, equipment and resources needed to pursue the The Oceania Project's Objectives.


cost What is the cost of becoming a Supporting Member?

You can select one of three levels of iWhales Subscription:

iWhales Subscribe 24 cost $24 dollars.
iWhales Subscribe 48 cost $48 dollars.
iWhales Subscribe 96 cost $96 dollars.


what What is involved in becoming a Supporting Member??

You receive an annual iWhales Gift Certificate to the value of your subscription.

Your iWhales Gift Certificate allows you to download iWhales™ Movies and other content immediately or at anytime over the length of your subscription.

Also if you elect to receive the iWhales™ Updates emails on a regular basis you will be the first in the know about new and exciting iWhalesª content as it becomes available. TOP

how How do I register as a Supporting Member?

Simply go to iWhales and select the level of Subscription of your choice.

You can pay securly online by credit card (Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Diners Club or JBC or you can use your existing PayPal account

Please Subscribe Today your support and help is needed.

Thank You,

Trish and Wally Franklin,
Directors, The Oceania Project


The Oceania Project PO Box 646 Byron Bay NSW 2481 Australia

Ph: International +61 2 6685 8128 Australia 02 6685 8128 Mobile: 0418 797 326 Skype:


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