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Australian Cetacean Organisations

  • Australian Whale Conservation Society (AWCS)
    is dedicated to Cetacean conservation, education and research. Commercial whaling continues, much of it under the pretext of scientific whaling. Cetaceans today face many of the other problems they did in the past, such as entanglement and habitat degradation. There are new threats in the form of climate change and inappropriate human activity around whales.

    Paul Hodda, Chairman of AWCS says, "The work of AWCS is at the grass-roots level, attending to issues that might otherwise remain under the radar. The focus is still as it was three decades ago when AWCS was first established - creating public awareness and understanding of whale conservation issues and engaging with government and organisations to bring about lasting change".
  • Southern Cross University Whale Research Centre (SCUWRC)
    co-ordinates and facilitates Marine Mammal Research in Australia, the South Pacific and internationally. The SCUWRC is located on the Southern Cross University Campus, Lismore, Northern New South Wales, Australia and offers a Marine Mammal Science Unit as part of its Bachelor of Marine Science and Management Degree
  • The National Marine Science Centre (NMSC)
    The National Marine Science Centre (NMSC) was conceived as part of Australia's Oceans Policy and constructed with a grant from the Commonwealth Government's Centenary of Federation Fund.

    The Centre was opened in 2002 as a joint entity of Southern Cross University and the University of New England. In 2010 Southern Cross University became the sole owner of the NMSC, a move that fitted the strategic directions of both universities. Organisationally, the NMSC is now a part of the School of Environmental Science and Management [] within Southern Cross University's Faculty of Arts and Sciences.
  • University of Queensland: Cetacean Ecology and Acoustics Laboratory (CEAL)
    The Cetacean Ecology and Acoustics Lab (CEAL) was formed in 2005 and is based in the School of Veterinary Science at the University of Queensland's Gatton campus.

    The main focus of our research is cetacean ecology with an emphasis on acoustic behaviour, population ecology and measuring the impacts of some human activities on cetaceans. We are a multi-disciplinary lab with some expertise and interest in a broad range of areas including physical and biological acoustics, GIS, distance sampling, marine mammal surveys, stress and reproductive physiology, toxins and pollutants, anatomy and genetics.

    CEAL leads the Humpback whale Acoustic Research Collaboration (HARC); a large multi-platform, collaboration conducting behavioural and acoustic studies of humpback whales at Peregian Beach, which have been ongoing since 1995. .
  • Murdoch University Cetacean Research Unit (MUCRU)
    was established in 2006, following the appointment of Dr. Lars Bejder to a Research Leadership Fellowship position within Murdoch’s Centre for Fish, Fisheries and Aquatic Ecosystem Research. MUCRU has since grown into one of the leading groups for marine mammal research in Australia, and collaborates on projects throughout Australia, the Indo-Pacific and the US..

    Paul Hodda, Chairman of AWCS says, "The work of AWCS is at the grass-roots level, attending to issues that might otherwise remain under the radar. The focus is still as it was three decades ago when AWCS was first established - creating public awareness and understanding of whale conservation issues and engaging with government and organisations to bring about lasting change".
  • Minke Whale Research - Dr Alister Birtles
    The Minke Whale Project is a combined initiative of James Cook University, the Museum of Tropical Queensland and Undersea Explorer and is managed by the CRC Reef Research Centre Ltd..
  • Dolphin Research Australia
    is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the conservation of dolphins and their marine environment and to conserve and protect dolphins, whales and their marine environment through advancing knowledge and understanding.
  • The Flinders University Cetacean Ecology, Behaviour and Evolution Lab (CEBEL)
    s a multi-disciplinary group that works at the interface of animal behaviour, population ecology and evolutionary biology to understand the structure, dynamics, history and trajectories of cetacean populations. Our work aims to provide impartial, independent and innovative science that address both pure and applied questions about whales and dolphins and their interactions with the environment. CEBEL also provides training through undergraduate teaching and postgraduate supervision, and advises governments, non-governmental organizations and industry on conservation management issues.
  • WDCS Australasia
    is the Australian voice for the protection of whales, dolphins and their environment. WDCS, the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society, is the world's most active charity dedicated to the conservation and welfare of all whales, dolphins and porpoises (also known as cetaceans).
  • Whales-online
    is a cetacean conservation website focusing on Southern Hemisphere issues. The site will features online chat sessions and interviews with cetacean researchers and campaigners from around the world, while providing solid information for the interested public about the threats cetaceans face. It will also feature a learning resource section for a younger audience of upper primary and high school students.
    is dedicated to the rescue cof Cetacean Species in South Western Western Asutralia.
  • Australian Orca Database (AOD)
    was founded in 2009. Formally known as the “Southern Ocean Orca Database” (established in 1994), the AOD strives to build a better understanding of Australia’s top level predator…The killer whale (Orcinus orca).
  • ORRCA - Marine Mammal Rescue in Australia
    Orrca Inc is a volunteer group focused on marine mammal rescue and research and they help care for the whales, dolphins, seals and dugongs in Australian waters.
  • The Dolphin Research Institute.
    is a non-profit research and education organisation, dedicated to the protection of dolphins and the marine environment. The management of Dolphin-based tourism is a major focus for the Institute, along side the long-term study of the resident population of bottlenose dolphins in Port Phillip Bay, Victoria , Australia
  • Capricornia Cetaceans Project
    is a boat-based dolphin research project conducted by Daniele Cagnazzi, a PhD student at the Southern Cross University Whale Research Centre.
  • Centre for Whale Research (Western Australia)
    is a non-profit research institute established in 1993 by Curt & Micheline-Nicole Jenner to conduct scientific research into whales, dolphins and porpoises. Studies conducted by it's researchers in NW Australia since 1990 have yielded new information regarding the behaviours and migratory characteristics of humpback whales (Megaptera novaeangliae) off Western Australia such as the discovery of this populations calving grounds.
  • Whales Alive Australia
    is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the protection and celebration of Whales and their fragile marine habitat and is working in a number of different areas on behalf of the endangered whales. Through education, training and vital research they are working to educate people about the whales fascinating natural history and what threatens their survival
  • The Dolphin Society
    An Australian-based research institution dedicated to exploring the effects on people of interaction with dolphins, and to developing methods of dolphin-assisted therapy. They also offer a swim program
  • Whales in Danger present the 'World of the Whales'
    An excellent Australian Whale and Dolphin Information site established and maintained by Graham Clarke.
  • The South Australian Whale Centre
    The South Australian Whale Centre at Victor Harbor is the focus of all whale related activity across southern Australia. The Centre also operates the Whale Interprtative Centre

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