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  • Dr.John C Lilly:
    Dr John Lilly
  • Ric O'Barry - Save Japan's Dolphin's
    The Cove: A MUST SEE Movie.
    Learn why Ric O'Barry is motivated and totally committed to saving the Dolphins of Japan and the World.

    Ric O'Barry... SEE The Cove

  • Ric O'Barry - The Dolphin Project    (Check out Ric's new book 'To Free a Dolphin')
    The Original Dolphin Project

  • Dr. Horace Dobbs - International Dolphin Watch, UK
    founded by Dr Horace Dobbs in 1978 in England it is a non-profit organisation for the study and conservation of dolphins. IDW aims to protect the dolphins and secure clean seas and rivers in which all dolphins can roam in freedom and safety. To study and expand the human-dolphin relationship for the benefit of both humans and dolphins
    Internation Dolphin Watch Website
  • The Dolphin Ecology and Acoustics Project (DEAP)
    established by Dr Liz Hawkins is a part of the Southern Cross University Whale Research Centre. DEAP's research focuses on the population dynamics, social structure, habitat use, behaviour and communication of coastal dolphins. They also monitor and assess the potential impacts from human activities on coastal dolphins. They work closely with government and non-government organizations, community groups and the public to improve the management of human activities and the protection of marine mammals and their environment.
  • Capricornia Cetaceans Project CPC)
    is a boat-based dolphin research project established by Daniele Cagnazzi, a PhD student at the Southern Cross University Whale Research Centre.The research focus of CPC is the study of dolphins in the Southenrn Great Barrier Reef and within the Great Sandy Marine Park.
  • Dean Burnal, Jo Jo the Dolphin and The Marine Wildlife Foundation
    Dean first met JoJo in 1984 while visiting the Turks and Caicos Islands. It was during an ocean swim when JoJo, then a young curious bottlenose dolphin, began to follow Dean to the beautiful reefs a mile off shore. But he always maintained his distance. When Dean went on his daily swim, the dolphin followed closer and closer each day. And as the days and weeks passed, JoJo would show Dean an underwater world he had never experienced in all his years of professional diving. The two bonded, creating a lasting Human/Dolphin friendship.

    The Marine Wildlife Foundation is a grassroots project dedicated to the research and preservation of dolphins, whales, and indeed all wildlife.
  • Estelle Myer, Rainbow Dolphin Centre, Australia
    'THE DOLPHIN LADY' as Estelle is known created THE RAINBOW DOLPHIN CENTRE in New Zealand in 1981. It is now in the Northern Rivers Region of NSW. The work introduced using water for birthing human babies and began introducing people to interactive conscious relationships with the family who live in the sea - dolphins and whales. Estelle has recently completed her PhD: Midwife to Gaia
  • The Dolphin Institute (TDI)
    is a Hawaii-based not-for-profit (501)(c)(3) organization dedicated to the study and preservation of dolphins, whales, and other marine mammals, and to the education of people whose attitudes and activities affect the survival and well-being of these animals.

    TDI's mission is to map-out the sensory skills, cognitive abilities, and communication abilities of dolphins, to describe the behavior and biology of North Pacific humpback whales, and to educate people at all levels about these animals so that they may come to appreciate them and protect their fragile marine habitats.
  • Dolphin Care UK
    is determined to help stop the needless killing of beautiful dolphins. The site has lots of information for anyone interested in dolphins.
  • Dr Denise Herzing - The Wild Dolphin Project (WDP), USA
    founded in 1985, WDP is engaged in an ambitious, long-term scientific study of a specific pod of Atlantic spotted dolphins that live 40 miles off the coast of the Bahamas, in the Atlantic Ocean. For about 100 days each year, Phase I research has involved the photographing, videotaping, and audiotaping of a group of resident dolphins, aiming to learn about their lives.
  • Bottlenose Dolphin Research Institute (BDRI)
    engages people worldwide in scientific projects to participate as students, volunteers in hands-on research with wild bottlenose dolphins in Sardinia, Italy.
  • Joan Ocean - Dolphin Connections, Hawaii
    The dolphins and whales are calling us into the ocean. They want to meet us, to introduce us to their world, and to swim with us into the unknown. They are intelligent friends who exemplify qualities we value - cooperation, harmony, peace, joyfulness, good health, beauty, wisdom, supple movement, grace and unconditional love. The dolphins and whales are approaching us around the globe, filling our minds with visions of freedom, and interacting with us to encourage us to attain many life-enhancing qualities.
  • Dolphcom: Andrew Parker
    shares his vision and knowledge of Cetaceans, his passion for training and achieving results, spirituality and healing with the help of an enthusiastic team and the wonderful and loving Dolphins with as many people as he can.
  • The Dolphin Communication Project
    is a private, non-profit research foundation organized to promote awareness of marine mammal conservation and to increase knowledge of communication behaviors between and among all dolphin species by organizing/conducting underwater research expeditions/studies in dolphin communication; encouraging cetacean intern experiences and ostering collaborative endeavors with scientific and educational programs.
  • The Dolphin Research Institute.
    is a non-profit research and education organisation, dedicated to the protection of dolphins and the marine environment. The management of Dolphin-based tourism is a major focus for the Institute, along side the long-term study of the resident population of bottlenose dolphins in Port Phillip Bay, Victoria , Australia
  • The Dolphin Society
    An Australian-based research institution dedicated to exploring the effects on people of interaction with dolphins, and to developing methods of dolphin-assisted therapy. They also offer a swim program
  • The Human-Dolphin Connection
    a 6 day meditative Caribbean retreat with wild dolphin. We invite you to connect with these magnificent beings. Their exquisite beauty joy will expand all that you feel is good and well within you, enhancing your capacity for living your life to the fullest..
  • Dolphinville, Hawaii
    is a community of people who have become friends because of their common love and respect for dolphins and whales. There are approximately 200 in the community who live in separate homes along a 30 mile stretch of the Kona Coast, connected in Spirit to each other. Many of the community were 'called' by the dolphins. They have become like a family who swim, meditate and work together.
  • Dolphin Camp
    Welcome to DolphinĘ Camp, if you are looking for exciting and enjoyable experiences just explore our site and take a lookĘ at the programs we are offering. You can swim with dolphins, meet new friends, sail through the crystal blue waters of Bimini, find interaction with sealife and have more fun adventures at this wonderful camp.
  • David's Whale & Dolphin Watch

  • Dawn Ferguson's - Dolphin Sunrise Network

  • Dolphin World Florida

    Click Here to Visit Dolphin World

  • The Virtual Dolphin Project

  • The Dolphin's Page - Jiehui Huang

  • Dolphintouch Spirit Guide Connection - Michelle Morseu


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