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21     Mature Males

ABOVE: The two whales in this picture 'Brutus and Caesar' were sighted in 1995, they appeared to be very large adults and may have exceeded 12 metres in length, but they never came close enough to the Expedition vessel to make an accurate estimate of their size.

(Photo: Trish Franklin)

Mature males maintain their position behind the immature whales following them southward approximately thirteen days later.

It is known that fully grown female Humpbacks reach up to 19 metres in length, and male Humpbacks up to 18 metres.

We use the Expedition vessel as a measuring stick to estimate the length of a Humpbacks in Hervey Bay, its waterline length is 13.85 metres. We have never seen a Humpback in Hervey Bay longer than the vessel.

The average size we see is approximately 9 to 10 metres and very occasionally we see a whale around 12 metres.

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