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A powerful fluke provides in-built transport A friendly headrise to check us out The baleen hanks from the upper jaw Breaching is for play and protection

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The Never ending Journey

The Cyclic Migration of the Southern Humpback Whales

  Photography by Trish Franklin, The Oceania Project © 2000
  Text By Trish Franklin & Lyn Woolley

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1 Why and Where do the Southern Humpback Whales Migrate?
2 The Krill Fest in the Antarctic
3 How do the Humpback whales catch these small creatures?
4 Feeding methods of the Humpback Whale
5 A Cyclic Journey into the Open Ocean
6 An Orderly Procession
7 Mothers with Calves
8 Young Whales - Male and Female
9 Mature Males and Resting Females
10 Females in Late Pregnancy
11 Cape Byron: Harmonic Convergence
12 Songlines
13 An Ocean of Sound
14 Breeding and Birthing in the sub tropical waters of The Great Barrier Reef
15 Courtship and Mating
16 Birthing
17 Nursing Their Young
18 Visions of krill - Southward Bound
19 Newly Pregnant and Resting Females
20 Young Whales - Male and Female
21 Mature Males
22 Nursing Mothers
23 Rest and Relaxation in Hervey Bay
24 August: A Time of Socialising and Play
25 September and October: Feeding and Nursery School
26 The Final Leg of the Journey
27 References & Bibliography

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