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23     Rest and Relaxation in Hervey Bay

ABOVE: Breaching is the most spectacular behaviour of the Humpback whales but is also has crucial social value. Here 'Wedgewood' shows her 1996 calf 'China' how its done, we saw her again with a new calf in 1998.

Breaching can be an effective way of getting a good look around or escaping or frightening off a likely predator - sharks or Orca Whales. Then again a breach might just be for the sheer thrill and delight of experiencing gravity.

(Photo: Trish Franklin)

Hervey Bay with its shallow warm waters has been an important destination for the humpback whales for millions of years. It is the last sheltered area where they can continue to socialise prior to their long migratory journey south to the Antarctic feeding grounds. Because the eastern arm of the bay juts out considerably from the mainland, it creates a natural catchment area for those whales who choose to take time out for rest and relaxation. The whales visit the bay during the months of July to late October annually.

August, September and October are the months that The Oceania Project's Annual Whale & Dolphin Expedition takes place in Hervey Bay.

There is an excellent
Whale Watch Fleet
in Hervey Bay offering a range of half, full and three quarter day trips

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