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Whale and Dolphin Art and Literature

  • Cetacean Bibliographies, Audiography, and Videography.
    This extensive listing was developed and is maintained by Trisha Lamb Feuerstein. It is a significant resource of Cetacean literature, video and audio material and was ogriginally compiled by Trisha in the course of doing research for a book about the psychological, spiritual, and cultural significance of cetaceans as evinced in myth (both classical and New Age), art, dreams, various genres of fiction, and human-cetacean encounters.

  • Erich Hoyt
    has spent most of his life working with whales and dolphins and other ocean creatures in more than 40 countries. Erich has written a number of books about Whales & Dolphins and has produced a range of important reports, particularly about Whale Watching.
  • Ross Issacs - Ocean Planet Images
    Emmy nominated cameraman, Ross Isaacs has over twenty years experience as an underwater photographer, cinematographer and film maker. Ross is familiar with a variety of marine organisms including whales, dolphins, sharks, and coral reefs. He has worked with some very prestigious organizations such as National Geographic Television and BBC Natural History Unit, and has sold his own documentary films in over 50 countries.

    The Oceania Project's 1st Annual Whale Research Expedition to Hervey Bay in 1989 aboard the beautiful 'Anna Kristina' was made possible by the fact that Ross and the Ocean Planet Images Production team decided to use the Expedition as a platform for one of his early films 'Encounters with Whales'. Thank you Ross...

  • Pamela Mingo - 'Leviathan' and 'Whales are Us'.
    An Exhibition of a moving and passionate series of Whale paintings. Influenced by her fascination for medieval paintings (and the dremel), Pam's whale series seeks to capture the essence of these awe- and spiritually-inspiring creatures. Their existence is proof to Pam that anything in life is possible. What a world! Pam's site is worth a visit.

  • Killers in Eden - The Story of a Rare Partnership between Men and Killer Whales'.
    For a century, the killer whales of Twofold Bay herded baleen whales towards the harpoons of local whalers, helping them hunt and sharing the rewards. It was a life of industry, adventure and a strange and rare partnership between whale and man.

    In Killers in Eden Danielle Clode explores how this relationship between whaler and killer developed. Using our modern knowledge of killer whales to untangle fact from myth, Danielle uncovers the truly remarkable history of the killers in Eden.

  • The Chanonry Encounter - A NOVEL ABOUT DOLPHINS.
    An American freelance journalist, scuffling to make a living in the mountains of northern Arizona. A glamorous former broadcaster who walked out on a British TV network in the midst of a war. And an 11-year-old girl from a seaside village in Scotland. What might toss these three unlikely people into the middle of an adventure that could stun the scientific community and perhaps change the perceptions of everyone on the planet? Well, they meet a remarkable dolphin called Spike. Before this thriller has run its course -- from one side of the Atlantic to the other, and finally to a wild, wind-blown point alongside the Moray Firth -- you may very well have a different view of our world. And questions about its future.

  • Rick Pearson - Leviathan Prodcutions.
    Visonary Aquatic Art.

  • Eye of the Dolphin.
    a film by Michael D Sellers. Available as a DVD..

  • Jim Oates - Ocean Images
    site features streaming videos, photography and writings about the underwater world with the intention to educate and promote the conservation of the marine environment.

  • Andy Townsend & Lyn Irvine - Images of Antarctica
    The humpbacks return to Antarctica each year to feed. The incredible photography of Andy & Lyn capture the essence, spirit and infinite beauty of the Humpbacks summer habitat.

  • Welcome to Rio's World of Whales and Dolphins - Rio Rossellini, Wildlife Artist

  • We Love Whales
    has been designed to educate the public about the beauty of Whales, the facts about their habitat and problems that are endangering all living creature of our ocean.

  • Julia/Eclipse's Dolphin Art

  • Good Works on Earth - Dolphin & Whale

  • Royce Art - the artwork of Royce B.McClure.

  • Christian Riese Lassen: Master Artist of the Sea.

  • Dolphin & Whale Artwork by Don McMichael.

  • S. Amaranthine - Cetacean friendly science fiction .
    S. Amaranthine had the privilege of befriending two cetaceans. The debut trilogy is born from those memories, a tribute to them with loving respect and admiration for their families.
  • Dolphin & Dolphin Divine Dreams - Free books

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