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jpeg Lyn Woolley - KOTO Co-ordinator

"Kids On The Ocean(KOTO) is a volunteer youth program based in Byron Shire which has been operating successfully for five years. Each year KOTO assists up to twenty, 15 to 17 year olds, to take part in The Oceania Project's Whale and Dolphin Expedition in Hervey Bay Queensland".

In 1995 fourteen senior students from Byron Bay High School and Mullumbimby High School took part in the KOTO program.

jpegvspace=5 Brie, Michelle and Melinda with Munchies menu. The initial phase of the KOTO program involves fundraising and educational activities. A major fundraising activity in 1995 took place in July during the annual Whale Watch at Cape Byron.

With great enthusiasm and teamwork, KOTO set up a big food stall, Migration Munchies, to provide wholesome lunches and snacks for the many whalewatchers who visited the Cape.

Heather washes Munchie dishes.
Migration Munchies at Cape Byron.
Tania makes Munchie burgers.

jpeg The highlight for the KOTO group is the five nights aboard The Oceania Project's Expedition in Hervey Bay amongst the Humpback Whales and Dolphins.

Aboard the Expedition vessel, Karma, they became fully involved in assisting with the research program, learning about Whales and Dolphins and helping sail the ship, but most importantly they learn about each other and themselves!


KOTO pod in water with Captain Drew The KOTO experience differs for each individual. But for everyone the time in Hervey Bay with the Whales brings a clear focus to the impact and value of being a part of a KOTO Group. jpeg

Tania Hillard,  Heather Jessup,  Renee Viola  and Evelyn Woolcott
using their own words, photography and artwork have each created a page to share with you their Expedition experience in 1995.

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