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The Oceania Youth Project
A Unique Learning and Living Experience

What is The Oceania Project
The Expedition Experience

As an Expedition Youth Internship participant you will be fully involved in The Oceania Project's Whale Research Program, which will entail direct experience inMarine Mammal Science and the study of Humpback Whales and the Marine Environment.
As part of the research work, you will be trained in whale observation techniques and to use equipment to measure and record the temperature, salinity and turbidity of the ocean.

You will observe and record general weather conditions and be assigned the task of working with the GPS (Global Positioning System) which is used to record the precise geographical position of the Expedition vessel.

In 1993 a water quality sampling program was implemented in conjunction with the Environmentt Division of the Queensland Environment Protection Agency. You will trained in the sampling procedure and assist in taking the water samples.
Helping take GPS readings.

A Whales named Oceanus breaching

A black centred under- fluke

A clean under - fluke

When Whales are in sight, you will learn about them by assisting with observation of their surface behaviour and photo-id identification and logging the informationcollected.

A primary objective is to identify individual Whales by their unique and distinctive body shapes, markings and patterns, like the two very distinctive under-flukes shown left.

You will also be trained in 'sloughed skin' collection techniques and assist with collecting the skin samples. Everyone on board also has the opportunity to assist in recording the songs of the Humpback Whales and to listen to the songs.

The evening program will include Powerpoint presentations covering the natural history of humpbacks, their migration and what we are learning from the research in Hervey bay

There is on-board library of selected books, videos, slides and general literature for personal reading and research about Cetacea and the Oceans.

A breaching calf


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