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10     Females in Late Pregnancy

The last to leave the Antarctic feeding grounds are the females in late pregnancy. They have had the longest stay in the Antarctic feeding grounds, fattening up in preparation for the long journey northward to give birth and begin feeding their new born calves in the warm sub tropical waters of the Great Barrier Reef. They often cross paths with the newly pregnant females heading south.

Nala was filmed feeding her Calf in the fluke-up feeding posture during the 1992 Expedition, the scene is featured in the video
'Angels of the Sea'.

(Photo: Trish Franklin)

ABOVE: This dramatic photograph of Nala pushing her distinctive fluke high out of the water was taken in 1997. She is an older female and we now have photographs of her with a calf in 1992, 94, 96 and 98. At the time this photo was taken it is likely she was already pregnant with her 98 calf and there was no sign of her 96 calf.

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