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Trish & Wally aboard 'Volante' in 2000

Trish and Wally caught in a reflective moment aboard Karma in 1997

PHOTO: Geoff (Sea Dog) Dawson

Trish and Wally Franklin have maintained a deep interest in the evolving digital and web communications technology.

They were amongst the first adopters of desktop digital colour technology in Australia in collaboartion with Graphic Designer and Production Artist Stephen Franklin. Stephen is presently providing professional assistance with the development of image based content featuring the Whales and Dolphins of Hervey Bay for distribution via iWhales and also helping with an update of the 'look & feel' of The Oceania Project's website.

In 1989 they helped finance the establishment of the first Internet ISP in the Byron Bay area, one of the first in Australia - Pegasus Networks - and were amongst the early adopters of the World-Wide-Web as a means of global communication.

In 1992 they began using a MacIntosh based Digital Scanning and CD Archiving system to manage the Hervey Bay research photography and video. They now employ light weight DV-CAM technology to film the whales and dolphins in Hervey Bay.

They are involved in a professional collaboration with Video Producer and Audio Engineer Mark Francis Franklin, to develop, for distribution via iWhales, video and sounds of the Humpback Whales of Hervey Bay filmed and recorded during the Annual Whale Research Expeditions.

Trish adopted Canon SLR digital camera technology for the Hervey Bay Photo-ID work in 2003.

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