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Professional profile, collaborations and affiliations

Wally at the helm of 'Moon Dancer' in 2001.

Wally aboard Moon Dancer in 2001.
PHOTO: Daniel Bayer.

Wally gained his qualifications as a Master Mariner (Class 5) and Marine Engine Driver (Class 3) in 1995.

Dr. Dan Burns (right), who was Research Assistant on 2001 Expedition, is now a Member of the SCUWRCG and has completed his PhD on the southern migration of humpback whales off Ballina.

Also on the bridge is friend and collegue Mark Cornish. Mark has participated as an Intern aboard the Expeditions for thirteen consecutive years. Presently he assists Trish with the Photo-id work abaord the Expedition.Thanks Mark.

In 2000 The Oceania Project entered into a collaborative partnership with Professor Peter Baverstock's Centre for Animal Conservation Genetics on the genetic study of humpbacks.

The Oceania Project became formally affiliated with Southern Cross University in 2003 and the same year the Southern Cross University Whale Research Centre was established.

In 2003 The Oceania Project became an affiliate of the South Pacific Whale Research Consortium. Trish and Wally participated in the formation of The Australian Humpback Whale Research Group in 2004.

Trish and Wally commenced their PhD's at Southern Cross University in 2004. They are involved in research and publishing collaborations with Dr. Dan Burns and David Paton of the SCUWRG and Dr Phil Clapham.

Trish and Wally are Members of the Society for Marine Mammology and Scientific Advisers to and Board Members of Whale and Dolphin Watch Australia (WADWA).

In 2011 Trish and Wally Franklin were awarded a prestigious IFAW (International Fund for Animal Welfare) Lifetime Dedication Award and were also given the John Craig Gardiner Award for outstanding contributions by indiviudals to Tourism by the Fraser Coast Tourism Board.

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