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Caring for Whales, Dolphins & the Oceans

The Oceania Project is a Not-For-Profit research and education organisation established by Trish & Wally Franklin in 1988 to raise awareness about Cetacea (Whales and Dolphins) and the Oceans through research, expeditions and educational activities.
Hands reaching out to Whale A head-rising whale reaches up to out-stretched hands aboard the Expedition. The long-term commitment of
The Oceania Project is:

  • To undertake an Annual Whale Research Expedition to study the
    Humpback Whales in Hervey Bay.

  • To observe, study, research and gather new information and insights about the social structure, dynamics and behaviour of the Humpback Whales visiting Hervey Bay.

  • To offer involvement and participation in the Annual Whale Research Expedition through The Oceania Project's Internship Program.

The Oceania Project's 2013 Whale Research Expedition will be the 24th year with the Humpback Whales in Hervey Bay. Trish now recognises many individual Whales on sight and through her digital archive is able to present extended histories on many of these individual whales to Participants during the Expedition.

The Expeditions are an increasingly rewarding process and each years observations add to the accumulated knowledge and understanding of the Humpback Whales.

breachSpectacular beaches always occur when you least expect them.
ebony and ivoryEbony and Ivory seemed the most approriate names for these wonderful individuals.

Calf flying high The energy of a calf at play captured by Trish.

The Oceania Project has established

Funding from iWhales will:
  1. Support Cetacean Research Projects being undertaken by young scientists who have recently Graduated from an approved Marine Mammal Sciences Program.

  2. Contribute towards construction of a purpose built 18-metre ocean going cataraman named Oceania, which will be a dedicated long-term Cetacean Research and Education platform operating on the East Coast of Australia.

  3. Assist with the establishment of 'The Oceania Project Research & Information Centre' in Byron Bay as a major resource centre where Volunteers can assist with ongoing research, education and communications projects dedicated to raising awareness about Cetacea.

  4. Aid development of educational and information programs furthering awareness and understanding of Whales, Dolphins & the Oceans.

The iWhales Portal provides access to downloadable movies and other content developed from the photography and filming undertaken during the Annual Whale Research Expedtions.
The Oceania Project's Website provides current Cetacean news, information, eucational resources and ways and means you can participate in the Conservation and Care of Cetacea.
The vision of The Oceania Project is to engage the minds and hearts of people around the planet to become inspired about Cetacea, the Oceans and the Marine Environment so that we can once again experience a clean Ocean Environment and a healthy and safe Marine Life.

As Expedition Participants you will be fulfilling this vision, creating your own Whale and Dolphin experience, directly supporting and assisting with the long term Humpback Whale research in Hervey Bay and reconnecting with the living rhythms of Mother Nature.

common dolphins
A curious pair of Common Dolphins, such a delight to watch at play!

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