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The Expedition Vessel - 'Sumo '

The Expedition vessel is the spacious and superbly equipped 'Sumo'.

A 13.5 metre Power catamaran, 'Sounds Unique' was built for sea-going comfort, safety and stability.

The spacious fore-deck and easy access around the main deck makes her a perfect platform for whale and dolphin observations.

The covered flybridge provides members of the research team a superb observation platform.

The main saloon is spacious and luxurious, with curved seating and a kidney shaped dining table which can comfortably seat all abaord in comfort.

Expedition Vessel 'Sounds Unique' 'Sumo' - Expedition vessel: Click to enlarge

Sounds Unique - Specifications:

Length - 13.5m, Beam - 5m, Draft - 0.9m.

Sumo is one of the superb vessels operatedf by   Sweet Escape Yacht Charters operated by Kiera and Rohan. We thank them for making 'Sumo' available for the Whale Research Expeditions.

sounds Unique anchored off Bikini Cliffs Interns aboard 'Sounds Unique' observing a pectoral slapping Mother with calf, Sept 2012. The spacious main saloon/dining area which opens out onto the stern deck is where we gather to enjoy the meals prepared by Team Members in Sounds Uniques galley and to share the days experiences.

The bathrooms includes vanity, separate shower with screen and electric toilet.

Particular attention has been paid to ventilation with hatches throughout and fans in all cabins.

Fitted throughout with quality carpets, attractive upholstery and fine timbers,
Sounds Unique is a truly beautiful ship.
There are double cabins in each hull which are easily accessed by the walk through transoms with full headroom.

Participants are allocated to a shared doublebed cabin.

Additional single sleeping spaces are availble using waterproof swags, on the stern and foredeck deck, if needed.

Expedition Vessel 'Sounds Unique' 'Sounds Unique' off Fraser Island: Click to enlarge
Sunrise over Fraser Island
Sunrise over Fraser Island.
Powered by Twin 170 Yanmars (shaft drive) low noise diesels, Sounds Unique cruises at a convenient, comfortable and quiet 8.6 knots.

An inverter supplies quiet 240 volts power for charging camera batteries.

Many Participants take advantage of the canvas swags on board to sleep-out on the wide fore-deck, enjoying the stunning southern hemisphere night sky and the soul nurturing ocean ambience in Hervey Bay.

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