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Information about Individual Species of Cetacea


"Cetology, the scientific study of whales, began in the fourth century BC, but in 2,300 years has progressed remarkably little"

The above quote by Lyall Watson from his book - Sea Guide to the Whales of the World (Illustrated by Tom Ritchie), Hutchinson & Co. Ltd, London, 1981- ISBN 0 09 146600 8 - puts the study of Cetacea (Whales, Dolphins and Porpoises) into perspective.

Watson points out that most of the information we have about whales and dolphins came from the whaling industry and it was not until the 1970's that a change occurred, "It began with the aqualung..a number of Bottlenose Dolphins in captivity ...and the haunting recordings of Humpback Whales at Roger Payne".

During the last twenty years an increasing number of individuals and organisations are spending time with various members of the Family of Whales and Dolphins and researching, recording their experiences on film, video or with photography and expressing what they see and feel in prose, poetry and art.

Many of these people are now finding the World-Wide-Web a means to share that wonderful accumulation of experience and information with you.

We will progressively provide a selection links to this information on the web arranged in relation to the 87 known individual species of Whales and Dolphins.

Species marked with a green star * have links availble and we will add further links as they become known. Please let us know of any links you know that could be added here.

Trish and Wally Franklin


Individual Species of Cetacea- Information links:


Class: Mammalia

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